"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Dawn and Oli Jaksons have become a fixture at the Ground Floor Homeless Youth Resource Center and the Youth Equality Services program.  They regularly provide amazing food for the hungry brood of youth that attend both programs.  However, the real contribution that they make is the supportive and stable adult presence they have in the lives of the young people we serve; something that many of the youth have little experience with.  Kudos Dawn and Oli!


Support Network

The HIV Support Network is a multi-agency initiative working to meet the physical and emotional needs of people living with HIV.

people you should know

The HIV Support Network is a multi-agency initiative designed to provide volunteer, peer support and patient assistance services in order to improve health outcomes for people in Oklahoma City living with HIV//AIDS.  Partners in the initiative include Be The Change, the Latino Community Development Agency, Other Options, Inc., the OU Health Science Center Infectious Disease Institute, and Northern Lights Alternatives.  The Infectious Disease Institute facilitates a peer mentoring program; matching people who are new to the HIV healthcare system with those that have experience managing HIV healthcare services.  The Latino Community Development Agency (LCDA) provides support to individuals living with both HIV and other chronic health conditions; helping to guide them through the often complex network of specialty care providers. Other Options, Inc. operates a food pantry and provides housing and other support services. The Northern Lights Alternatives Mastery Workshop provides a weekend of empowerment for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.  Be The Change works to coordinate services provided these agencies to provide emotional and physical support to people living with HIV to improve health outcomes and improve overall quality of life.

volunteer opportunities

You can help people living with HIV by providing:  Medical and non-medical transportation, moving assistance, home and lawn care, social and leisure activities.  You can also volunteer for Be The Change special events and fundraising activities or you may want to help with our youth and adult outreach programs.  For more information find us  here.

Services Provided

Did you know?

Last year, Be The Change volunteers provided over

2000 HOURS

of service to marginalized Oklahomans !

Dawn and Oli Jaksons

  • Peer Mentoring
  • HIV Health Care Navigation
  • Medical and Non-medical Transportation
  • Individual Volunteer Teams
  • Northern Lights AlternativesMastery Workshop

be the change

For a person newly diagnosed with HIV or even for those who have lived with the disease for some time, navigating the health care and social services community can be a daunting task.  Coordinating medical appointments, social service engagements, and taking care of personal needs can be challenging when barriers exist.  The lack of transportation or culturally appropriate assistance can hamper attempts to access services. 

Dawn and Oli are just two of the great volunteers we have at Be The Change. We recognize the value our volunteers bring to the lives of the people we serve.  They are present by choice, and that is particularly important to the youth in our programs.